Christine (2016). Script

Perfect script, by the book with all the elements that make a good story, you can sum it up in practically one sentence; manages to empathize with the characters for better or worse by masterfully transmitting the feeling of the main character at all times throughout the story something that Rebecca Hall exponentially multiplies with her magnificent interpretation which makes practically dare you to feel everything that is happening to Christine and you end up totally devastated; it establishes a cause-effect so that everything that happens has a motive, an impact and causes an evolution of the characters throughout the film; the presentation, knot and outcome are well differentiated and are appreciable thanks in part to those small interludes that are the puppet functions that Christine performs in the hospital for sick children and that also function as an indicator of the status of the protagonist is also noteworthy that each block begins and ends with a phrase that summarizes what just happened; The trigger and the pivot points are clear; that last opportunity that every story offers to redeem itself before finally falling into the abyss and ending the story by retaking and closing the opening scene in some way.

(It is recommended not to read the following if you have not seen the movie) The structure would be as follows:

1- Opening with the fictional interview with Nixon.

2- Presentation. The life of Christine, who seems to have everything under control and is able to meet the objectives that are marked by herself but abdominal pain appears as an alarm that something is wrong.

3- 1st Interlude: Puppet function. Decide to go to the doctor for the pain. The problems arrives.

4- The Detonating. «If it bleeds it leeds» (sensationalize the news with more morbid stories to increase the audience) and visit the gynecologist. Something changes, something happens in Christine’s bland life that escapes his control. He does not understand what he is asked because he believes that covering the news from a sensationalist point of view is missing his professional ethics and the audience as well as that it is a type of work that literally makes him ill. Scene with the couple in love in the restaurant. The pain persists. Wait for the results of the gynecologist.

5- 2nd Interlude: Puppet function. «Be Bold, be Brave»

6- Before the first turning point. Try to react to the fact by organizing her life with the list of things to do telling herrself : ” Do it better ”.

7- The first turning point. Enter the game. «Make your stories juicy.» He believes that the station is going to be closed and actually the boss is looking for a candidate for a promotion and decides to change his professional style from human and with a message to a more yellowist to get it.

8- The midpoint. Everything he tries goes wrong, something that is causing him more and more frustration because the reports with that new sensationalist style do not work since he can not stop giving them that human and thoughtful touch, the 4th July party, more frustration. Result of the visit to the gynecologist. Bad news. More problems. Her world seems to be about to collapse and crumble. The pain persists.

9- Everything is lost. Christine collapses. Episode with flowers in which all his frustration and helplessness overturns. They´re fake !!!, They are fake” shouts.

10- The last chance: Appointment with George. Logic of «yes but» analyzing his paranoia. Lose the game. «Follow your guts»

11- The second turning point. The alarm. Take the decision. The time is up.

12- 3rd interlude: Puppet function. She has nothing more to say.

13- The climax. Final. It´s all summarized to a headline.

14- Close. Life goes on.

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